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What have clients said after working with Joanne?

“Thank you for all your support! It has been great.  I will miss our sessions, but I know I need to rely on myself and step up with confidence.”

“You were brilliant and changed my way of thinking.”

“Just a note to let you know that I've taken time to think over our conversations and I want you to know how useful they have been to me. Some things have really made sense and helped me to realise why I get the emotions I do and I feel stronger for that knowledge.”

"Thanks so much for everything...You have helped me accept the fact that I am different and disabled but that doesn't make me less fabulous!"

“I am feeling so much better now… You are very good at what you do Jo, keep doing it and making a difference to people’s lives. Take care.  Best wishes.”

"I have found our sessions really useful and you have helped me a lot more than anything I have previously done or tried."

"I hope to return whenever I feel like I need it... And you will be the first person I email."

'I'm really grateful for all your help and if I do find myself slipping back in the future I will be sure to look you up again.'

"I wanted to thank you

for everything you have done for me so far.

You have been amazing, beyond helpful."

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